February 14, 2018

Moustache and beard are a part of the beauty of men. Yes, not many men love to hold them for many reasons. Few dislike it due to its huge maintenance, without which you are sure to look shabby.

Moustache on the other hand never suits all of them. so the beard is the one that most guys try to grow, but yes not all are successful. Many give up in the mid-stage; it tends to not sit well, or uneven growth would push one to shave off!! So thinking of growing your beard and don’t know how to proceed further?

There is good news, there are many products that help you grow your beard in a very even manner. There are lotions, oils and creams to make your beard grow well, keep it looking clean, shiny and smooth. It also smoothens the skin underneath and nourishes it for a healthy beard.

There are many brands in the line, to choose from. But, we list you the best top 5, to choose and get that second look.Check out where you can get beard balm vs oil, the easy places for you to hog on.

Before we talk about the products, we also love to tell you that, all these are available online! Yes, you needn’t go around shopping for these products. You can find them in all leading online stores, in all of your favorite sites, and yes few even give you discounts.

Make a note:

Smooth Viking Beard oil:

With growing beard, your skin will tend to become more dry and itchy. This oil tends to go fight against it and keep your skin nourished and smooth. No matter which climate you are in, your beard will be well behaved and give you that manly look, without much hassle.

Can you Handle Bar Beard Wax:

‘Can you Handle Bar’ is the brand name and the product wax is going to keep your beard as smooth as this wax. It can be used very similarly like your hair serum or conditioner. Just apply and leave it, your hair will look like salon made.…