May 15, 2018

The best way to make a steak is to cook it sous vide way.  There are many sous vide machine you can buy from the market this machine makes it so much easier to cook the steak.  You don’t have to worry about the steak being burned or undercooked.  The steak could be cooked in any way, medium, tender or rare.

Challenge of cooking steak traditional way

Grey b on top bottom of the meat after cooking- This happens due to the high temperate used for cooking. By using sous vide machine, you could always get the perfectly cooked meat without any grey patches.

Cooking the perfect medium rare steak on a grill or skillet is a difficult task- The actual difference between the medium rare rare is just a small variation in temperature.  It’s always a dilemma for the cook to remove the meat at the exact time to get the perfect steak.  Even one is an experienced chef; the traditional method of cooking steak requires constant attention.  One small second of distraction actual can change a juicy steak into a grey waste.

Hence it is recommended to opt for the sous vide machine. By cooking the steak using one of the top sous vide machines, it is very simple to achieve the desired texture. You just need to adjust the dial to the right temperature the steak would be cooked according to your need every single time. The only point you need to take care of is the ideal temperature to be set for cooking the steak.  The minimum time for cooking the steak using the sous vide machine is depended on the thickness of the meat it has been cut.  The meat has to be cooked so long till the heat from the outside reaches the center. Usually, a 2.5cm thick meat will take one hour to cook.…