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Martinhas been one of the pioneers in the production of color-changing spotlights and has helped make history of the conventional practice of using banks of parcans with manually fitted color gels. With the Martin range of lighting fixtures an entirely new dimension has been added to a lighting designer's repertoire.

Martin Roboscan 812
RoboScan 812 (2)
This legendary scanner offers a bright 150W lamp with separate color and gobo wheel for multiple applications. It is tough, durable and well known worldwide for its performance.

The legend of all scanners

  • Packed full of features but in a truly tiny package, the RoboScan 812 is ideal for both mobile applications.
  • As an extreme, reliable and durable legend this scanner is used around the globe in huge numbers and to many this scanner is a "must" have!
  • With its ultra compactness, the 812 packs the punch of 11 beautiful dichroic colors working alongside 11 stunning gobo patterns.
  • The 812 can also strobe between black and a color, or between two colors to create an intense dancefloor atmosphere.
  • The RoboScan 812 is always the irresistible choice.

Martin AcrobatThe Acrobat (1)
The Acrobat is an intelligent and dynamic disco lighting effect that lives up to its name with a stunning effect of over 50 ever-changing and continuously moving color and gobo beams.
The Acrobat (ăk´row-băt´) n. - skilled in feats of agility and balance. A colorful and flexible entertainer. Able to perform astonishing acts and create eye-catching shows.

A combination color/gobo wheel, together with a mirrored rotating disc reflector, create an agile beam effect, each beam chasing the other while continuously changing color and gobo pattern. With 18 gobos + open and 11 full dichroic colors + 3 dichroic split colors + 5 white, the Acrobat boasts more features than any other comparable act.

Like a true eye-catching performer, the Acrobat adds an additional effect to its act for true uniqueness. The beams are then distributed onto a revolving mirror drum and then, via the advanced pan and tilt feature, cast out in all directions in a stunning burst of color and movement.

LightJockey 2.0LightJockey 2.0 is a Windows-based controller that is a flexible and easy to use lighting tool. LightJockey 2.0 is Martin´s industry standard LightJockey controller.

Windows 2000 compatible, and features a Solid Beam Virtual Visualizer, a high quality visualization simulator capable of creating realistic, solid, 3D beams. Visually accurate and easy to understand, the simulator allows for creating virtual visualizations off-site.

LightJockey 2.0 includes all the features that have made the LightJockey the choice of lighting professionals in the Club, Mobile DJ, Touring and Special Events markets: large fixture library, user friendly graphic functionality, advanced shape generator for fast and intuitive automated movement programming, as well as all the benefits of the Windows environment such as resizing of windows and drag and drop technology.

Devoted to designing the very best lighting control systems on the market, Martin’s LightJockey 2.0 offers lighting designers increased flexibility, spontaneity and ease of use in a user-focused control package.

American DJ
Rainbow 250 Intelligent Color Changer (4)

Rainbow 250 intelligent color changers
Mobile DJ's and Club owners looking for a great intelligent color changer dont have to go "somewhere over the rainbow" to find a "pot of gold." American DJ has introduced the Rainbow 250, a two-channel, DMX-compatible dimmable color changer.

Featuring a spectrum of seven dichroic colors plus white, the Rainbow 250 captures the essence of a brilliant rainbow. Able to shower any dance floor with 250 watts of extreme color, it also offers a dimming option, making it easy to cater to any crowds mood -- whether light and loud or soft and smooth.

The separate two-channel color/dimming control provides pinpoint accuracy in creating just the right atmosphere and intensity.  The Rainbow 250 features a new, futuristic case design that makes it very impressive to look at. "This is a fixture that's as high-tech in appearance as it is in performance," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ.

An intelligent fixture, the Rainbow 250 can be used with any DMX controller. The unit also has Master-Slave XLR linkability, allowing it to be hooked up with other units and expand its seven-color light show throughout any size venue. A sound-active lighting fixture, the Rainbow 250 can also be used as a stand-alone color changer without a controller. Its built-in chase programs allow it to shoot a spectacular color scheme to the beat of any music.

Optima FL-900D Strobe
Optima FL-900D Strobe(1)

  • Extremely Bright
  • 1000W strobe light
  • Safety screen
  • 1-15 flashes per second
  • Dimmable
  • Clean digital DMX signal for precise control

High End Systems The High End Systems F-100 (TM) performance fog generator

(F-100 picture)
The F-100 is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the night club, touring and fire safety training industries and is capable of producing tremendous bursts of dense white fog. Very few machines can  begin to approach its output potential.

The pump in the F-100 is acoustically isolated from the chassis, resulting in very low noise levels making it ideal for theatrical and studio work.

High End Systems Atmospheres® fog generating fluid is specially formulated to provide a dense, safe, water-based fog of a fine particulate size. These fine particles provide  the correct medium of interference for airborne projections. A Coldflow (TM) LC02 exchanger module may be used together with the F-100 to provide low lying fog.




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