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Crown CE-2000Crown CE-2000

CE Series amplifiers are professional tools designed and built for professional use. Engineered and manufactured by the same teams who built the acclaimed Macro-Tech® and K Series amps, the new CE 1000 and CE 2000 have the rugged heart and soul that has characterized our amplifiers for over 30 years. Rather than make a cheap amplifier and hang all sorts of semiprofessional features on it, Crown focused on providing powerful, reliable performance with many of the same controls and features you would expect from Crown. The CE-2000 has front panel detented level controls, useful function indicators, proportional fan-assisted cooling, short circuit protection and more. And, to make the amplifier more flexible it has a new SST (System Solution Topologies) module which allows us to customize the amplifier with true professional features such as fixed-point crossover cards. The result is an amplifier capable of chest-thumping lows that easily handles real 2-ohm loads and runs longer under difficult conditions than any competitive amp out there.

2 ohm stereo (per channel) 975W
4 ohm stereo (per channel) 660W
8 ohm stereo (per channel) 400W
4 ohm bridge-mono 1,950W
8 ohm bridge-mono 1,320W





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