N.G.N. DJ's, Inc.


School Dances

N.G.N. DJ's, Inc. understand that school dances are primary fund raisers for school clubs and that every dollar raised is important. When schools employ a high-quality DJ for a properly advertised dance, a consistently higher attendance rate by students is realized.  Teens dancingThis translates into more money being raised for the sponsoring organization. N.G.N. DJ's, Inc. can help your school raise money while giving the students a fun, clean and safe activity in which to participate. N.G.N. DJ's, Inc. subscribe to promotional music services that edit some of the questionable lyrical content from today's music.  We occasionally even edit the edited versions of some songs to make them 101% clean enough to play for Grandma!

N.G.N. DJ's, Inc. use high-quality lighting & sound equipment and boast a wide variety of music on Compact Digital Disc.  Our equipment and music, combined with our professional demeanor, make N.G.N. DJ's, Inc. an ideal choice for your next school dance.

We thank you for your consideration!




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