All of us are guilty of eating a variety of foods that are not always good for our body health. Over a period of time, the toxins from these foods just build up on the inside, leading to various issues including weight gain or inability to lose weight.

If you check out Payspi, you will see a number of ways to detoxify your body to get rid of all these toxins that are bound to cause harm over a period of time. Here is a quick simple guide to help you flush out all those toxins in three days flat. Yes, you read that right, three days is all you need to flush out the toxins you have accumulated over a period of time.

Sleep More

The more you sleep, the more rest your body gets. When your body is well rested, it is able to flush out toxins more effectively does not store unwanted elements, leading to a toxin buildup. Better sleep also reduces your cortisol levels, which has been researched proved to be linked to your weight.

Water In The Morning

When you wake up, have a big glass of water first thing in the morning. Continue hydrating yourself this way all through the day, even before you go to sleep. A well-hydrated body is energized from within enables the cells to work better.


Today’s desk jobs require us to be sitting in one position for the majority of the day. Take frequent breaks regular stretch breaks. If you think of it, none of us are constantly working while sitting in that chair. We do give our minds a break from time to time. Stretch yourself out when you take those breaks. This keeps your muscles supple strong. Stretching is a great way to detox effectively.

Bloat Busters

Consume only those beverages that fight against the bloat. Carbonated or sweetened drinks are strict no if you want to lose that bloated belly fast. However, over a period of time ensure you do not deprive your body completely that it goes into a shock.